Kim Kardashian change of style – is Kanye a good stylist?

Kim Kardashian change of style – is Kanye a good stylist?

If you were to describe Kim Kardashian’s style probably you will have to divide it into two stages: ‘before Kanye’ and ‘after Kanye’. Since the celebrity and the star of ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’ TV show started dating Kanye West, a rap music star and a fashion designer her style underwent some serious changes.

patterned dressesFrom sparkling, shiny and patterned dresses, tons of glitter and rhinestones to toned, plain bandage dresses, long coats and see-through materials in colours of earth, khaki, black and white. Not only Kim’s style of clothing has changed but she also started to change her make-up and hair, from highly contoured face to techniques like strobing and baking, which contribute to still flawless, but slightly more natural look. She also ditched long fake eyelashes and pearl eyeshades to more neutral colours, which gave her more sophisticated, glamour looks, similar to those of high fashion.

Kim’s fans are divided when it comes to her new style. Some claim that it was better before she met Kanye West and some that since Kim became Mrs West her style evolved and it is a good change. Nonetheless, the strategy proved to be successful, considering Kim’s occurrence on the cover of the Vogue magazine last year.

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