Under changing signs...

Laurent Chaumarat was born in 1970, Tahiti, Pacific Ocean. Precocious sense of fleeting, place of education in Paris, Algeria, Normandy, Aquitaine, Auvergne, and, always in between, stays in Polynesia.

A passion for glass, material of light, of which he explored stratification building techniques as an autodidact. Some creations are presented in Paris, in expositions like the MOOVING. Glass is used alone, or with other city materials, like concrete or steel.

During these two first years, his creations have seduced private customers as well as companies.

Following an imperious call, he escaped from the Parisian maze for a rebirth in the remote Pacific. He learned tropical woods, bamboo, coconut tree, warmness that shined through a specific style with curving and roving lines. Objects acquire organic and almost convulsive dimensions.

Four years feeding a changing vision, and Laurent is back in France. With a new intuition of harmony, and an ever accute sense of here and now.

A chronology...

And some projects...

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